Remote Learning Day & Blizzard Bags

Dear Parents, 

December is usually the start of messy winter weather in Maine, and it seems to have arrived early this year! Our district has developed a plan to use a Remote Learning School Day and at this point in the season that could be any day now. The goal of developing a pilot program such as a Remote Learning School Day is to engage students in meaningful learning at home and to lessen the number of days that are made up due to school being called off for inclement weather. We expect full student participation to the extent that it is possible. This will count as a day of school. After the pilot this year, we will be surveying staff, students, and caregivers to determine the pilot program’s success and if it can be extended into the next school year. If it works well, we hope to continue using it in the future as a strategy to reduce snow days.

Below is a list of key reminders:

●  We plan to have 1 Remote Learning School Day this year (2019 - 2020).

●  A Remote Learning School Day will only be called on a day when we would have normally cancelled school due to inclement weather.

●  We will not have a Remote Learning School Day if power outages are expected.

●  Students in grades K – 5 will have work for the day in a “Blizzard Bag” and will have needed supplies in their individual “Blizzard Bags.”

●  Students in grades 6 – 12 will be working electronically or with downloaded hardcopies.

●  In grades 6 – 12, we have Kajeet cellular hotspots that will be available for students to sign out who live in households that do not have internet service. The Kajeet hotspots use a filtering mechanism for educational purposes.

●  ALL Teachers will be available from 9 – 3 via email to assist students the day of a Remote Learning School Day.

●  Teachers in grades K – 12 have trained students for Remote School Days.

●  If you want more information, please go to the following site:

●  Parents will be notified that a day is a Remote Learning School Day through the automated calling system. I plan to send a phone call, a text message, and other notification through social media channels and the Maranacook app.

●  We would appreciate parents supporting their children in helping make this idea a success. We believe it is a better option for student learning than going to school on a Saturday, extending the length of the school day, or needing to make up days in late June.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or the building principal. 


James Charette Superintendent