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We are excited to offer Dental Hygiene Clinics at all RSU 38 schools this spring. In collaboration with the Tooth Protectors (, students can receive oral health services at school during the school day. Tooth Protectors offers oral health assessments, dental cleanings, fluoride treatment, dental sealants, temporary fillings, and dentist referrals. 

Clinic dates for 2023:

Manchester Elementary - 4/5

Readfield Elementary - 4/6

Mount Vernon Elementary - 4/7

Wayne Elementary - 4/11

Maranacook Middle School - 4/12

Maranacook High School - 4/13 

Tooth Protectors accepts MaineCare and most insurances. 

See for additional information about the cost of services. If you need care but are unable to pay, please reach out to your school nurse for assistance options. 

To sign up for an oral health visit, please fill out the permission form which gets submitted directly to the Tooth Protectors: