Welcome to MCMS 21-22!

Dear MCMS Families, 

We are excited to get this new year started and have high hopes and expectations for this year. The accompanying video (linked here) should help provide you with some more information as you prepare for this upcoming school year. We hope this accompanying video, along with the upcoming Family/Teacher Team Meeting (via Zoom)  will help you and your child transition smoothly back into school mode this fall. Your child’s team will reach out to you in September with the date and link to the Family/ Teacher Team Meeting. 

Please note, we will be following the state and district procedures for back to school safety protocols. In addition, we will have some structures in place to help our school day run smoothly. Please review our School Structure document to help prepare for the school year. In addition, our fall sports season starts on 9/7/21. If your child is playing a fall sport,  make sure to read through the Fall ports Information to make sure your child has everything they need to play.

Now, I would like to introduce you all to our faculty and staff here at MCMS.

  • Our phys ed teacher is Mrs. Karen Magnusson

  • Our music teacher is Mr. Adam Scarpone

  • Our art teacher is Mrs. Hope Lord

  • Our health teacher is: Ms. Amy Jones. Amy is new in this position but not new to MCMS. We are excited she will be joining us in this new role!

  • Working with students on reading and writing support, we have Mrs. Kathy Farrin

  • Working with students on math support, we have Ms. Anna Satterfield and Mr. Tom Radcliff

  • Our Gifted and Talented teacher is Mrs. Rachel Smith

  • Our Wellness Center team this year are: Mrs. Angela Palmer, Mrs. Gwen Mohlar and our administrative assistant is Mrs. Val Simmons. Louise Langlais is our nurse practitioner and Mrs. Sarah Morrill is the middle and high school health center director. 

  • Our Learning Commons leader, and technology activity advisor is Mrs. MaryAnn Florek

  • Our technology integrator is Mrs. Denise Churchill, and the District Technology Director is Mrs. Diane MacGregor

  • Working in Special ed are: Mrs. Rachael Holland, Mrs.  Kristen Davis, Mrs. Jennie Cotton, Mrs. Jen Durgin, Mrs. Kelly Padgett, Mrs. Betsy Duval, Mrs. Rosemary Baker, Mrs. Carey Bor and Mrs. Kim Fletcher

  • Our World Language Team has: Mrs. Margot Gyorgy, teaching German, Mr.  Sam Watson, teaching French, and, new to MCMS, is Mrs. Shirley Allen, teaching Spanish

  • On Acadia, we have: Mr. Dan Holman, Mrs. Jean Roesner and Mrs. Kelli Corrigan

  • On Moose Island team, we have: Mrs. Amy Tucker, Mrs. Tyne Turcotte, and Ms. Tabby Bickford

  • On Katahdin, we have: Mr. Richard Aspinall, Ms. Katie Jewett and Mrs. Sherri Pelletier

  • On the Royal Team, we have Mrs. MaryEllenTracy, Mrs. Aimee Reiter, Mrs. Kelly Jewell, and new to the team is Mr. James Mrazik! Mr. Mrazik will be returning to us as a teacher this year and he was a permanent substitute teacher for us last year

  • On the Sebago Team, we have: Mrs. Dixie Bonnevie, Mrs. Laurie Roddy, and Mr. Lopez, who will be returning to us on the Sebago Team and he was a permanent substitute teacher for us last year

  • Our Dean of Students and Behavioral Interventionist is Mr. Rick Sirois 

  • In our kitchen, we have: Ms. Tina Hanson, Mrs. Doris Brown, Ms. Lisa Whittier, and the District Nutrition Director is Mrs. Jen Hall

  • Our custodians are Mr. Lance Curtis, Mrs. Marion Curtis and Ms. Mary Bridges

  • The District Maintenance and Transportation Director is Mr. Shaun Drinkwater and the District’s Transportation Manager is Mrs. Kelly Thompson

  • In our front office we have Mrs. Phyllis Cote as the office coordinator and I am the principal, Dr. Kristen Levesque

Parent & Community Opportunities

  • PTO: The school has an active PTO which meets on the first Monday of each month at 6pm.  They welcome any new members. They ideally like to have at least two reps from each team.  First meeting of the school year is via Zoom, on Monday, Sept. 13th at 6pm. For more information, please email our PTO President, Kathy Tarbuck, at: kmolokie@yahoo.com

  • Community Mentor Program: We have a Community Mentor Program! This program is for community members who are interested in mentoring a middle school student for one-hour a week during the school day. Mentors will need to complete the Volunteer Application as well as attend a short training this fall. Here is the Community Mentor Framework to help provide you with more information.  If you are interested, or know a community member who may be, please email me at: kristen_levesque@maranacook.com 

  • Food Pantry: We have a community food pantry! It is open to everyone in our community on Thursday afternoons, with delivery options available for those in need. We also welcome donations! For more information, please contact MaryEllen Tracy at: maryellen_tracy@maranacook.com 

  • Family Donations: We welcome donations! Please see our Amazon Wish List if you would like to help us! We are largely looking for healthy snacks for students as well as Expo Markers and Clorox Wipes. Thank you!


Middle school is an amazing time. Other than the earliest years of life, the middle-school ages are the time when the brain develops most. This is such an important time for children to develop relationships and have opportunities to explore who they are, what they like to do, and start on their journey towards adulthood.

While here at MCMS, students will have the opportunity to be part of our many clubs, like the Tech Exploration group, Yearbook, Student Government, Math team, music ensembles, environmental club, or the Civil Rights Team. Students can try new sports, and will learn world languages. Throughout this year, students will learn more about who they are and who they have the potential to become. Academically, we strive to help meet the needs of our students by following middle school nationally identified best practices, with the use of teaming, student centered theme-based lessons, and integrated curriculum. 

We believe it is also very important for families to be aware of what your child is learning and doing here at school. In this regard, please be sure to take a look at our website, which we will update regularly. On your child’s Google Classroom and on team websites, you can also find the class syllabi, which will include information on what standards your child will be learning in the particular class. We will also be emailing home monthly all-school newsletters to our families. Your child’s team will send home monthly newsletters, and your child’s advisor will also email you throughout the year. 

Here at MCMS, we work hard to meet the needs of our students and our community. We are so happy to be here with you, and be on this journey with you as your child goes through middle school! 


Kristen  Levesque, EdD


Welcome to the 21-22 School Year at MCMS Video!