8th Grade Citizenship Award 2021

As students transition from middle school to high school, there is a special award we bestow on one 8th grader. This award, sponsored by the state of Maine’s Secretary of State, is to recognize one exceptional young citizen among their peers. The award goes to only one 8th grader, out of our class of just under 100 students, and is the only award we give as it carries so much weight for us. It is for a student who rises above all the rest in their display of citizenship, respect and perseverance. This year's award will be going to Mason Pare.

Last year, shortly after we went into lockdown in March 2020, Mason recognized that people in the community needed support and may not easily have access to food. He held a food drive - in his own driveway at his home. It was contactless for people who were able to contribute. His appreciation for all those who donated was genuine, and he did this to support others in need.

At school, he works well with all other students and does so with the utmost integrity, valuing the others work, never complaining, and treating other students with respect He always conscientiously follows the rules of the school and classroom. He is a community builder. a great example of what it means to be respectful, responsible, and perseverant, along with taking pride in completing his work.

Congratulations Mason for earning this honor. MCMS is proud of you!