Looking for Gently Used Books!

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Book Drive At The Middle School

What are we collecting: We are collecting any new or used books in good condition for middle school aged students. 

What books do we want: We are looking at anything from older picture books to chapter books. If you are interested in providing books for struggling/disinterested readers.

Who are we collecting for: Our middle- school aged students in the community.

How long are we collecting at the Middle School: We are collecting from now until the end of January. We will have a special book drop off available at parent pick up and drop off on Thursday, 1/21/21 and Friday, 1/22/21, too!

**Anytime throughout January, students can also put books in the blue bin in the area between the two front doors

What can you do to help: Go through any books at home that are middle school/ young adult age-appropriate and send them in with your child or drop them off in the bin right inside the first set of doors at the school, and we will do the rest. If you don’t have any books but still want to help, stores like Goodwill sell them for $1.00 a piece!

Why should you help: It’s so important to provide our students a chance to read outside of school. We are creating an exciting opportunity for students to pick out a book to KEEP for FREE and add some more excitement around reading at home. Your support for our youngest students and their need for reading can make a difference!