Take Time For Teachers on the MCS Campus

Here’s YOUR chance to personally say THANK YOU in so many ways to the teachers that are working diligently to provide the best education and environment for students during these difficult times. If you’re willing to “TAKE TIME FOR TEACHERS” and acknowledge their hard work and show your gratitude!

Here is the link to sign up!

You may be a parent, a family member of a teacher, or just someone out of town who wants to say, “WE APPRECIATE YOU.” ANYONE can donate, and you can donate ANYTHING! Whether you donate time to make something or money to buy something, we are looking for all sorts of items! Some ideas may be:

  • handcrafted items (handmade ornaments or masks, cards, etc.)

  • snacks (bags of chips, granola bars, etc.)

  • water or drinks

  • candy 

  • a letter of thanks (copies will be handed to every member) 

  • small gift cards 

  • cash to buy items/goodies for staff

Anything you can think of to say THANK YOU is greatly appreciated! If you have an idea not on this list, please use the form to share that idea! This is a great time to say thank you for all that you do. 

Any questions, please contact Kristen Levesque at Kristen_levesque@maranacook.com or Dwayne Conway at: dwayne_conway@maranacook.com for more information.