Eighth Grade Recognition

Thomas Smith: Thomas (Tom) is a member of the  Katahdin Team. Mrs. Mohlar says, ‘“Tom is one of the nicest kids you could ever meet.  He is an old soul with an honest mindset.  He wears a smile with him wherever he goes.  Whether it's talking about cars, or life in general, I will miss my conversations with Tom! Sirois Tom has the best riding lawn mower stories! I know Tom will put his mechanical  interest and skills to good use in high school!” Mrs. Roesner says, “Tom is a gentle soul, who is genuine in all his interactions.  He cares deeply for his fellow advisees, and looks to help others laugh and have fun.  Tom often has a lego racer ready to show off or a post-it paper airplane prepared for testing.  His love for his dogs and family is unmatched.  I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past 3 years..” We wish you luck in your future, Tom!

Jacob Steinmeyer: Jacob is a member of the Katahdin Team. Jacob has worked hard throughout his time aat MCMS and has been a good student. Mrs. Holland says, “Jacob is quiet, kind, and a great student.” Mrs. Davis writes, “Jacob is such a great guy. He is polite, kind and caring of all others. He also is a Karate star!” Jacob, we wish you luck as you enter high school! You will do great!

Madison Peters-Knightly: Madison is on the Moose Team.  Mrs. Satterfield says, “Madison has been an important member of the Moose Island team at MCMS and has done great things to keep up with work expectations.  When she sets her mind to doing something, get out of her way because it's going to happen!  With this determination and sense of self, we know Madison is going to find success at the high school.  We will miss you, Madison!” Mrs. Magnusson says, “I enjoyed getting to know Madison. I loved having her in class because she always added to our class every day. She worked hard and was quite talented in a lot of the activities we did in P.E. She could always get me to smile and I enjoyed seeing her every day in activity. I will definitely miss seeing her daily and wish her all the best!”  Good luck next year!

Gillian Berdan-Stouch: Gilliam is on the Royal Team. Mrs. Bonnevie, her advisor, says, “Gillian is a quiet soul with a strong belief system. She loves performance art and needs to share her talents.  She is a loyal friend and a deep thinker.  Once she commits to learning something, no matter how hard it is, she will stick with it until she gets it.  Gillian is a quality writer and can really pull a reader into her stories.  As she continues to gain confidence in her abilities, she will be a force to be reckoned with. “ You will do great in high school! Good luck next year!