Eighth Grade Recognition

Frank (Sylus) Meranda: Sylus is a member of the  Sebago Team.  Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Sylus is a wonderful human being who brightens my day with his conversation and humor. Sylus likes to debate, but is always willing to listen to both sides and makes class interesting and fun. “   Mrs. Mohlar says, “ Sylus has grown so much in middle school! He has become a much stronger advocate for himself and this will help him be successful in high school!” Good luck next year, Sylus!

Ryder Michaud: Ryder is on the Katahdin Team.  Mrs. Magnusson says, “Ryder has a great personality to add to any class. He worked hard but was great to have fun with. To be honest, I was always jealous of how good his hair looked! :) Ryder will be missed next year! Good luck!” Mrs. Lord says, “I could always count on Ryder to come up with the most challenging and unique ideas for his art projects. He's a creative and talented student and fun to have in class..” Good luck next year, Ryder!

Wyatt Stevenson: Wyatt is on the Royal Team. Mrs. Sirois writes, “Wyatt is a phenomenal young man who is strong in his convictions.  His moral compass is unmatched and he uses that to guide him and to help advocate for his peers.  I always enjoy talking sports and hunting with Wyatt.  I wish you all the best at the high school and am excited to see what your future holds. “ Mrs. Tracy writes, “Wyatt is an amazing young man and a quiet leader on Royal.  He works hard and does what it takes to be successful in class.  He is also a super kind and easy going individual who is willing to work with anyone. .” We wish you luck in all your future endeavors, Wyatt!

Jordan Record: Jordan is a member of the Katahdin Team.  Mrs. Magnusson says, “Jordan has a great sense of humor and I loved watching him interact with his peers. You could tell he could make anyone laugh and he was fun to be around. He is talented athletically and I enjoyed seeing him in activity time when he signed up for indoor active. Good luck Jordan next year and keep that sense of humor! :)”  Mrs. Bertrand writes, “Jordan is a unique individual who is not afraid to be his own person. He has a great sense of humor and it has been such a pleasure to watch you grow.  I will miss our bantering and joking together, you always brought a smile to my face (when you came to school that is...)  Continue to be yourself and never be afraid to show the world who you are!”