Eighth Grade Recognition

Mya Gastin: Mya is on the Acadia Team. Mrs. Roesner says, “Wow, Mya, what a ride it's been!  You've been a steady presence on the Acadia team. Despite facing challenges that others might not be able to understand, you have been a shining light on our team.  You are respectful and kind and contribute to the greater community.  I have no doubt that you'll go far.” Mrs. Lord says, “Mya is a creative student and great problem solver. She quickly volunteers to help others and a pleasure to have in class.” Good luck in high school! 

Stella Hildebrandt: Stella is on the Acadia Team. Her advisors says, “Stella is always cool, calm, and collected. Mrs. Magnusson writes, “Stella had a great work ethic in P.E. and was always willing to try new things. She gave her best effort and was a joy to have in class. I always loved seeing her smile and have fun. I will miss having her in class next year.” Mrs. Roesner says, “Stella is a quiet presence who is steady and calm.  She works hard and has a quiet sense of humor that shines in her eyes.  Stella is always willing to help play a practical joke (like covering Mr. Holman's door in pictures).” Good luck next year!

Alexander Hood: Alexander (Alex)is on the Acadia Team. Mrs.Roesner writes, “I've had over 1000 students in my career, and Alex Hood takes the cake in terms of how many good questions he asks.  Alex is committed to the Sea Cadets, and learning as much as he can about his future career in the Navy.  Alex loves to learn and is a source of energy to those around him.” Mrs. Satterfield says, “Alex was a huge motivation for me in the MCMS Walking Club this year.  He was the first student to reach the 100 mile mark and he got me motivated to catch up in a hurry!” Ms. Bertrand says, “Alex is a hard worker and does a great job advocating for himself.  He is never afraid to speak up and ask questions and follows   when he says he will do something.  Alex is a trustworthy, honest young man and brings lots of energy into the classroom!” Good luck at high school!