Eighth Grade Recognition

Joshua Kingston: Joshua (Josh) is on the Katahdin Team. His advisor, Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Josh is a brilliant mind with a caring soul.  His laugh is infectious and makes others smile.  He is fun to be around, but don't mess with his Skittles!” Mrs. Mohlar says, “Josh has a thirst for knowledge and is a voracious reader. He loves an argument and has fun debating with friends. Can't wait to see where Josh's talents will take him!”  Mrs. Lord writes, “Josh has a wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics. I've enjoyed our conversations.”You will be very missed at MCMS!

Ryan Lane: Ryan is on the Moose Team. Mrs. Satterfield says, “Ryan was extremely positive and polite during a Moose Island field trip earlier this year and allowed his teammates to board a bus before he did.  He waited patiently which isn't an easy thing for a middle schooler to do!” Mrs. Lord says, “Ryan has a wonderful smile and was always willing to try any art project I gave him.“ Good luck in high school!

Spencer Fike: Spencer is on the Acadia Team. Spencer has been a great member of the MCMS community throughout his time with us. Mrs. Satterfield writes, “Spencer was in my indoor activity for much of this past year and watching him play football with peers in the gym shows a lot about his character.  This group rarely had issues playing what can be a problematic game and if something did come up, Spencer was often quick to convince the group to let it go and get back to playing!  He is an adept athlete and made some amazing catches!” Good luck next year! 

JordanFutrell: Jordan is on the Katahdin Team. Ms. Jewett says, “Jordan is respectful and kind.  She is a great friend.  Her smile is infectious, and I've been so lucky to have gotten to know her this year!” Mr. Watson says, “Jordan is a very social and kind friend to her peers. She has become quite the excellent French student, always giving it her all and never giving up!” Mrs. Lord says, “Jordan is very creative and always willing to help her peers in class. She's a joy to have in class.” Good luck in high school!