Eighth Grade Recognition

McKenzie Wormell: McKenzie is a member of the Royal Team. McKenzie is a lovely young woman who works hard.  She is quiet and reserved in class.  She is a loyal trusted friend.Mrs. Bertrand says, “McKenzie is my silent but consistent worker!  Hesitant to ask questions in a group, but lots to say when we are alone!  You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, don't ever sell yourself short!  Thank you for always coming to class with a positive attitude and giving 100% every single day! You will be missed!” Mrs. Magnusson says, “I always looked forward to seeing McKenzie in advisee time. She has a great sense of humor that I could pick on her early in the morning and she would give her beautiful smile. I will miss seeing her daily but know she will be successful in her future years.” Good luck!

Katya Wurth: Katya is on the Moose Team. Mrs. Satterfield says, “Katya has become such a leader after three years of middle school and has found a patience with herself and others that she didn't necessarily possess in 6th grade.  She's been hard working, always, but has turned that hard work into thoughtful and careful consideration of her place in the community.  She is an active participant in sports who has worked to bring the enjoyment of sports to others around her.  We will miss you, Katya!” Mrs. Magnusson writes, “Katya was a great addition to our P.E. class. She worked hard and was successful in the activities we did, but more importantly was building leadership skills. She really helped motivate others to work hard and her competitiveness brought some extra fun to class. Great job Katya! See you in high school!” Have a great time in high school! 

Lillee Tibbetts: Lille is on the Royal Team. Mrs. Tracy says, “Lillie has the ability to spread positive energy wherever she goes.  She is a fierce and loyal friend as well as an advocate for what is right in the world.  Her athleticism and energy speak for themselves.  She has the ability to get along with anyone and see the positive even when things are not going her way. Mr. Sirois writes, “Lillee is a sweet young lady that has strong peer connections and relationships.  She is a great athlete with little fear.  She is, however, a bit accident prone.  I would like to offer Lillee some bubble wrap before she enters high school :)  I wish Lillee all the best!” We will miss you! Enjoy high school!