Eighth Grade Recognition

Sierra Tondreau: Sierra is a member of the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Satterfield writes, “Sierra is always quick with a smile and a greeting in the morning.  She would often arrive at school at about the time I did and walk into the building with her sets anyone's day up for success!  Stay your sunny self, Sierra!” Mrs. Magnusson writes, “I always enjoyed seeing Sierra's smiling face. She offered up hugs that I couldn't refuse and she could always make me smile. In advisee time, she was always engaged in our conversations and cared about the activities we were doing. I could always count on Sierra bringing in things to help our advisee group out. She is kind and thoughtful and fun to be around. I will miss our penpal letters! Good luck next year Sierra!” We will miss you, Sierra!

Morgan Townley: Morgan is on the Katahdin Team Morgan is such a conscientious and hard working student! She has such a respectful attitude and a quiet determination to succeed that will help her to accomplish big things in her future. She has a fantastic work ethic and is a very kind and considerate student. She has been a joy to have at MCMS. Morgan- keep up your great work and your love for learning! I will miss you next year!

Simon Vazquez-Carr: Simon is a student on the Royal Team. Mrs. Tucker writes, “Simon has been a strong member of the math team, and we've been very happy to have him back for his 8th grade year. He has brought musical talent, odd jokes, and a quirky sense of humor to our bus rides. 42.” Mrs Roesner says, “Simon brings humor and fun to our math team and seeks ways to connect with others.  I've enjoyed the laughter and fun of the math team and writing math questions with the answer of 42, just for you.” Mrs. Barley says, “Simon has been a strong member of our advisee group and Spanish class. His pronunciation in Spanish is perfect! He has a delightful personality that makes everyone around him feel good. I will miss you Simon and your talents in music and magic cards!” We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors! 

Robert Vivenzio: Robbie is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Roesner says, "Robbie has grown into a leader on the Acadia team.  He is caring and kind and always respectful.  As an eighth grader, Robbie took other students under his wing to support them in their academic endeavors.  I've caught myself a few times thinking, "If my kid turns out anything like Robbie, I would be one proud and happy parent."" Mr. Watson says, “Robbie exhibits excellent study skills that will take him far in whatever he chooses to study later on in life!  He is always willing to collaborate with his peers and offer help. His sense of humor and dry wit is contagious.” Good luck next year, Robbie!