Eighth Grade Recognition

Jacqueline DelaCruz: Jacqueline (Jackie) is on the Royal Team. Mrs. Holland says, “Jackie is an enthusiastic and energetic young woman.” Mrs. Davis says, “ Jackie's energy is contagious. When put in a leadership Jackie always steps up and does a wonderful job! She is quite the athlete as well!” Jackie, we wish you the best of luck in high school, and beyond!

Eli Reynolds: Eli is on the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Mohlar says, “I will miss Eli's friendly smile in our hallways!” Mrs. Magnusson writes, “Eli was a great addition to my P.E. class. Not only was he a hard worker, he was good at everything he participated in. I enjoyed seeing him in class but really enjoyed running into him outside of the class where he would smile and say hello. Eli has a great presence about him that he gives off a positive energy wherever he goes. I will miss this energy greatly, but I'm excited to see what he does at the high school!” Mrs. Satterfield says, “Eli, I will miss laughing with you about weirdly random things or nothing at all!  You added a lot of quirky to indoor activity and that you were the target in the wildest game of dodgeball ever makes me laugh to this day!  Keep your sense of self!  It's amazing.” We will miss you, Eli! 

Kelsey Ross: Kelsey is on the Royal Team. Mrs.Gyorgy writes, “Kelsey has a love of music and the gift of creating awesome artwork, both of which she shares with her friends. It has been a lot of fun to see what new drawings you have created, Kelsey!  I am excited to see what you do with all of your creativity, Kelsey!” Mrs. Magnusson writes, “I loved getting to know Kelsey in class and seeing her passion for music. I enjoyed how much she enjoyed certain artists because I too loved one of her favorites. I will miss her smile and her playful attitude. I wish nothing but the best for Kelsey in high school.” Have a great time in high school! 

Alexandra Bero: Alexandra (Lexi) is on the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Jewett says, “Lexi has a quiet spark and quick wit, and is a true joy to have in class.” Mrs. Farrin says, "Lexi is a soft-spoken, quiet, sensitive and deeply caring individual.   Over the course of these past three years, it has been a joy and privilege for me to watch Lexi gain confidence within herself as an individual and in her academic efforts.  In our advisee group, Lexi will oftentimes share her more passionate side, by expressing a strong sense of what is ""fair"", using her soft demeanor along with a glimmer of her smile and a slight side-note of her giggle." Enjoy high school, Lexi!