Eighth Grade Recognition

Katherine Nolette: Katherine is a member of the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Bonnevie writes, “I have gotten to know Katherine through Outdoor Active.  She is polite and caring and always takes care of her stuff.” Mrs. Magnusson says, “I loved seeing Katherine in the hallways because she would always say hello. I also enjoyed watching Katherine play on the basketball team because she was a hard worker and always stayed positive. I also enjoyed watching her make some of her shots too! I've enjoyed getting to know Katherine and will miss her!” Enjoy high school, Katherine!

Isabella Savage: Isabella (Bella) is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Holland and Mrs Davis say, “Bella is an excellent student and athlete. Isabella is a strong, independent girl who loves the outdoors and sports. I enjoyed watching her play field hockey this past year.” Mrs. Roesner says, “Isabella has grown into an amazing leader, student, and friend.  She is kind, caing, and watches out for those around her.  I will never forget the compassion she has shown to other students to support them both personally and academically.” Good luck in high school!

Ethan Smith: Ethan (Smitty) is a member of the Katahdin Team. He has been a great addition to MCMS and will be missed when he goes on to high school next year! Mrs. Magnusson writes, “I always loved running into Ethan and having discussions about sports and high school. Ethan was a great worker for me and a really good leader in class. He always worked hard and cared about putting his best effort forth in P.E. and he helped others, which is even more important. I will miss running into him in the hallways and I hope to follow his high school career wherever he goes. Good luck Smitty! I'll miss you!”