Eighth Grade Recognition

Ethan Clark: Ethan is on the Royal Team. Mrs. Tracy says, “he is a well liked young man with a big personality and a big smile. He loves to be outside doing sports and other activities.” Mrs. Bonnevie says, “I have gotten to know Ethan from Outdoor Active and he is a competitor! He is always positive and cheering his teammates on. He is the first to offer a hand to some one who has fallen. He is always smiling and brings positive energy into the room.”

Alexandra Thaller: Alexandra (Allie) is on the Royal Team. Mr. Watson says, “Allie is one amazing artist and an excellent French student to boot!  Her unique perspective on the world and hilarious memes make having her in class a real joy.” Mrs. Tracy says, “Allie is a tremendously gifted artist.  She uses her drawing to help her organize her thoughts, as she works through course material.  Allie is a loyal friend and loves to have fun.” Good luck in high school, Allie! 

Bailey Shink: Bailey is a member of the Moose Team. He is kind, hardworking, and a good friend. Mrs. Satt says, “From a love of all things Office to sharing the odd factoids about this and that, Bailey has brought a truly unique perspective to the MCMS family. He has changed so much from a somewhat quiet and unsure 6th grader to a student running around my room dressed as a land-shark.  With this confidence and silliness, Bailey, you can take on the world!  We will miss you so much and are always willing to share book titles with you so come back.” Enjoy high school, Bailey! 

Davin VanWinkle: Davin is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Bertrand writes, “Davin, you are a polite, sensitive young man, and your smile can light up any room!!  Please stay focused on your strengths and positive qualities, if you do, you will always be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to!” Mrs. Mohlar says, “Davin is creative, empathic, and sensitive. I will miss our conversations next year!” Mrs. Roesner says, “I have learned so much about Norse culture and metal work from you!  Thank you for conversations on car rides that entertained my children, for seeing the sensitive sides of others, and for seeking fun and adventure.”