Eighth Grade Recognition

Riley Bowler: Riley is a member of the Acadia Team. Senora Barley and Mr. Holman say, “Riley is a very kind and respectful young man. His calm demeanor brings peace to any good discussion. Riley can talk to anyone.  He has an unusual and active mind.  He often surprises others with the depth of knowledge. Mrs. Magnusson says, Riley has a great personality and he can always make us smile. He is willing to try things that I ask of him. He has a unique way of connecting with students and adults that I often enjoy having conversations with him during activity time. He has a great amount of potential to do anything he wants to as he grows up. His compassion and thoughtfulness are two qualities that will take him far.” Mrs. Corrigan says, “Riley has a hidden talent when it comes to math.  He is quick to pick up concepts and answer questions in class.  His potential is unlimited.” MEA. Roesner, “Riley is a great kid who cares about others.  He wants to connect with peers and adults alike.  He is insightful and funny and is a deep thinker.  Riley has an amazing potential, and I will miss him next year.”

Hayden Freeman: Hayden is on the Moose Team. Mrs. Satterfield says, “I'm so sad three years is ending! Where did they go?  It's been so much fun to watch you go through your fashion and hair trends and to maintain your Hayden-ness throughout it all!  What makes you uniquely you is all on the inside, Hayden!  We will miss talking books and socks with you, but we know you are going to shine at high school!” Mrs Roesner says, “Hayden brings an energy to the room that is contagious.  She is hilarious and snarky.  She cares deeply for her friends.  It will be strange not having to find her in Ms. Satt's room during our advisee time.” Good luck in high school!

Zachary Braithwood: Zachary is a member of the Moose Team. Mrs. Satterfield says, “"Zack is definitely someone who marches to the beat of his own drum, and does so in the best way! His tendency to think of things scientifically through a problem solving lens has allowed us to make a broken table and fan into a speedboat in the classroom. He is funny and always made me sweat a little bit when we played ""Bring Your Own Book"" in the ELA workshop.  Good luck next year, Zack!" Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Zack can start a conversation with anyone at any time. He is thoughtful and listens to understand when you talk with him.” Good luck next year!