Eighth Grade Recognition

Mila Barnes- Buhker: Mila is a member of the Acadia Team. Senora Barley says, "Extremely kind and respectful with an admirable creativity.” Mrs. Tucker says, “Mila participated in the Schoodic STEM Grant with the Maine Math and Science Alliance and a team from MCMS. She was a strong voice with a lot of thoughtful ideas. She has also participated in school and community theater, entertaining many people.” Mr. Holman says, “Extremely kind and respectful with an admirable creativity. Mila, has been a quiet leader on her team.  She is respected by all.  Her art skills and ability to present her idea are wonderful.  Her mousetrap car was among the best of all and reflected her creativity and willingness to work hard on details. To be around Mila is to be infected with her positive energy and focus.” You will be amazing in high school- keep it up! 

Marina Friedman: Marina is on the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Magnusson says, “Whenever I walk through the halls, Marina always has a smile on her face and asks how my day is going. She will take time out of her day to say hello!” Mrs. Gyorgy says, “Marina is super creative!  Her work at school and home reflects a great attention to detail. She takes on projects to help others and to celebrate the joy of living.  While distance learning Marina has been making masks to protect others as well as a variety of cakes to share with her family.  Marina is a passionate hockey and lacrosse player. We know you will add a lot to your new school community in southern Maine next year, Marina!”

Dora Clark: Dora is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Corrigan says, “Dora is a caring and compassionate friend.  She is always willing to help her peers when the need arises.  In addition, Dora is quick to learn material and adds a great deal to class, despite being one of the quiet students in class.” Mrs. Roesner says, “Dora has grown so much in the past three years.  She has a strong moral compass and is a true friend.  I am truly going to miss her next year.” Good luck in high school!