Eighth Grade Recognition

Lydia Brown: Lydia is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Lydia is a wonderful person who has grown so much in the last couple of years.  She gets fired up and there is no stopping her! I can always tell what kind of day it has been by the look on her face at the end of the day.  She feels deeply, is strong willed and is a kind person.” Me. Holman says, “Lydia has truly blossomed as a student and as a person.  She is a loyal friend. She has the courage to speak her mind strength to acknowledge when she was wrong.”  Mrs. Roesner says, “Lydia is a social butterfly who has grown deeply as a person and student over the past three years.  She works hard and attends to the needs of others while setting healthy boundaries for herself.  Lydia has been incredibly supportive in the learning process of her peers.” Enjoy high school, Lydia!

Anna Albert: Anna is on the Moose Team. Mrs. Satterfield says, “Anna has been a fun and vital part of Moose Island for three years and stands up for what she believes is right.  She is hilarious and has become more outspoken in her learning since 6th grade.  She is an active participant in music, theater, and sports in and out of school and can easily maintain amazing grades when she sets her mind to it.  A favorite memory of Anna is when she was doing a video for vocabulary and I overheard her pronouncing the vocabulary word very incorrectly, but I wasn't sure how to say it either.  That word remains written on my dry erase board tucked beneath a pull down coordinate grid.  I can't wait to watch what she does in high school!” Mrs. Magnusson says, “Anna has a great energy about her that helps create a fun atmosphere. She has a smile that lights up the room and has a way of connecting with adults and students that leaves an impression. She is determined to give her best effort and perseveres when things are hard.” Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Anna is a wonderful young lady who has a strong sense of who she is.  She has a beautiful voice both for signing and standing up for what is right. She has this quality about her that brings people together.” Good luck in high school! 

Silas Bartol: Silas is a member of the Royal Team. Mrs. Tucker and Mr. Holman say, “Silas has brought fun and energy to the MCMS Math Team. He is a great math thinker and enjoys working as a team with others.  Silas has taken Classes on team Acadia. He brings fun and a high level of learning.  SIlas was a leader on the MS nordic ski team, always willing to help and a model for others.” Mrs. Roesner says, “Silas makes the math team all the more fun!  He's got an infectious laugh and an amazing musical talent.” Good luck in high school, Silas! 

Blake Cloutier: Blake is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Magnusson says, “Blake is extremely funny and has great ideas when he shares them. He is very loyal to his friends and looks out for them when they are in class together. He is quick to stop arguments in class by trying to find the easiest solution that helps his classmates move on.” Mrs. Roesner says, “Blake is always ready with the question, ""Why?"" He makes me question social norms!  When Blake is ready to learn, get out of his way!" Good luck in high school!