Eighth Grade Recognition

Casidy Tims: Casidy is on the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Pelletier says, “ Casidy is a phenomenal person, she is kind, considerate and a model for her peers in the classroom.  She cares about others and is always looking for ways to help out, and make things easier on those around her.  She is such a conscientious student! She gives her very best in everything she does and I know she'll do great things in her future-She loves nature, her family and ""making a difference""- The World would be a better place with more people like Casidy in it.... I will greatly miss her next year and I hope she will always come visit! " We wish you luck next year, Casidy! 

Tilden Tinkham:Tilden is on the Moose Island Team. She is very active in the school, on many clubs (such as Green Team) and is athletic. Mrs. Satterfield says, “Tilden came to Moose Island as a quiet and unsure 6th grader, but recognized early that she was among like minded weirdos.  She made a sign early on for my classroom that speaks to the importance of being yourself, no matter how odd others may see you.  It hangs on a wall there today.  She has an enthusiasm for her family and friends speaks to her loyalty and we will miss watching her sit in her chair with her backpack on her back.” Enjoy high school, Tilden! 

Sean Vachon: Sean is a member of the Katahdin Team. Mr. Sirois says, “Sean is an amazing young man with a very likable personality.  He loves to have fun and make his friends laugh.  He is also a great athlete.  I will miss having conversations with Sean!”  Mrs. Pelletier says, “Sean is always eager to help and make things easier for others.  I love his quick wit, and caring ways- He has aspirations to join the military in his future- and I know he would be an asset to his fellow soldiers- I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do in life!”

Ariana Tully: Ariana is a member of the Moose Team. She is a great teammate and good friend. Mrs. Holland says, “Ariana always has a positive attitude.” Mrs. Satterfield says, “Ariana is a student who greets you in the hallway every time you pass and her smile lights up a room!  She is an eager and earnest learner who works to complete assignments and turn them in on time! Good luck next year, Ariana!  We will miss your smile and happy greetings!”