Eighth Grade Recognition

Keagan McClure: Keagan is a member of the Moose Team. Mrs. Satt says, “Keagan, hands down, graced the hallways of MCMS with the greatest sweatshirts of all time and wearing slippers to school allowed him to achieve the look of naptime every time! Keagan is a hard worker who asks awesome questions and isn't afraid to advocate for himself when needed.  We can't wait to see what he does at the high school and look forward to watching the McClure brothers on the court. Long live the Smurfs!” Mrs. Magnusson says, “Keegan's laid back personality and go with the flow mentality draws people to him. He is fun to be around, can lighten any mood and bring laughter to serious situations. Keegan is very talented athletically and I have enjoyed watching him play basketball. His carefree attitude will certainly help him as he grows up because he can see the good in tough situations and make bad situations go away. He will be fun to watch grow as a person in high school.” Enjoy high school, Keagan!

Owen Poisson: Owen is a member of the Royal Team. Owen has a wonderful sense of humor and is respectful. Mrs. Bonnevie, his advisor, says “Owen is a young man who is always looking for fun in life!  He walks around with a smile on his face that makes you wonder what he is up to!” Mrs. Tracy says, “Owen is an intelligent young man who loves to debate.  When he engages in a topic, he dives in and works to find out all that he can.” We will miss you, good luck in high school, Owen!

Sam St. Germain: Sam is a member of the Moose Team. Sam has grown into a leader during his time at MCMS. Mrs. Satt says, “Sam asked my very favorite question of all time when we were getting ready to go to Chewonki and I don't know that he knows this, but it was "Can we bring whale sounds?" I don't know if he was serious or silly, but the question makes me laugh to this day.  Sam, there aren't many kids you can give an alien foil hat for cats to and actually have them hold up their end of the bargain.  Thank you for being who you are and for giving things your best even when you weren't necessarily motivated to do so!”  We wish you luck next year!

Ryan Leavitt: Ryan is a member of the Katahdin Team. Mr. Sirois says, “Ryan has matured so much in the past 3 years, as a student and as an individual.  He is continuing to develop into a responsible, respectful young man.  I will miss my many bus duty conversations with Ryan!” Mrs. Gyorgy says, “I have enjoyed talking with Ryan about his dog.  He cares very much for his dog which I identify with because of my own love for my dog.  I wish you well, Ryan, as you move on to the high school.” Good luck in high school, Ryan!