Eighth Grade Recognition

Andrew Ferguson: Andrew is a member of the Moose Team. Mrs. Holland says, “Andrew is a wizard with technology.” Mrs. Satt says, “Andrew was in my group at Chewonki and I have never seen anyone climb the high rope element faster than Andrew. Andrew is incredibly animated when having conversations about things that matter and earning his trust is something very valuable.  Andrew may not be a man of many words, but what he does say is the big picture and I know that if he can keep a focus on learning and questioning, he is going to do great things at the high school!” his advisor, Mrs. Bonnevie says, “Andrew is a funny, smart young man who cares deeply.  He is one of the smartest problem solvers I have met.  He is creative and never gives up on a problem.  He thinks outside the box and turns ordinary items into extraordinary masterpieces!” Enjoy high school- we will miss you!

Kody Goucher: Kody is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Magnusson says, “Kody is a very talented athlete but also very kind. He takes the time to help others because he is compassionate and thinks about others before himself. He was a great leader in class and helped to engage others. These are qualities that will help him as he goes on to high school. Kody has a quiet leadership about him and could be a tremendous advocate for those who won't speak up. I look forward to seeing how Kody grows in high school with these leadership skills. I know he'll be successful!” You will do great in high school, Kody! Good luck! 

Keirstin Gray: Keirstin is a member of the Moose Team. She joined MCMS and MCMS in 7th grade and we are very fortunate to have gotten to know her! Mrs. Satt says, “She joined Moose Island in 7th grade and although she is very quiet, she has enjoyed talking books with us which is one way into our hearts.  We have enjoyed watching her develop friendships with her classmates over these two years and making her laugh is a win!” Good luck next year, Keirstin!

Ilana Jones: Ilana is a member of the Royal Team. Mrs. Gyorgy says, “Ilana brings joy into the classroom.  She has a creative flair that she brings to her work and her friendships.  It is great to hear Ilana talk about her family, her rabbit and her love of riding.  We will miss you next year, Ilana, but I can't wait to see what you do at the high school! Mrs. Tracy says, “Ilana is a lovely young woman who is wonderful to have in class.  She is thoughtful and caring and is great to talk to, especially about horses!” Good luck in high school, Illana!