Eighth Grade Recognition

Isaac Easterby: Isaac is a member of the Royal Team. Mrs. Gyorgy says,”Isaac is really good at helping others understand technology. When asked to help he is there ready to share his depth of knowledge. He learns very quickly and when interested, puts his full force of intellect behind his work. I am grateful to have had Isaac in class and as an advisee. He is a great ping pong player! I can imagine Isaac working in the tech' field one day. We will miss you Isaac!”Mrs. Tracy says, “Isaac cares very deeply about doing high quality work, to the best of his ability. He is a deep thinker and he has a very wide range of interests. Isaac is an excellent participant in class discussions and often looks further into topics that are brought up in class.” Good luck next year, Isaac!

Olympia Farrell: Olympia is a member of the Moose Team. Olympia has been involved in many school activities including sports and a member of our drama productions.  Mrs. Satt says, “Olympia, I remember when you came to middle school and devoured any book I had to do with historical fiction.  I was excited to share some titles with you.  It's been really rewarding to watch you change over three years at the middle school to become a self-confident and assured learner.  Your ideas have become very deep and I feel quite confident that you are going to have an impact on the high school community that is going to be something special!  We will miss you!” Enjoy high school, Olympia. We will miss you!

Wyatt Folsom: Wyatt is a member of the Katahdin Team. Mrs. Magnusson, his advisor, says, “Wyatt has been a joy to have in advisee time because I got to have shooting competitions on a daily basis. He was my main man when it came to talking about sports, specifically basketball. I enjoyed talking with someone that was passionate about basketball and who loved to be active. I will miss the pop-ins by Wyatt when he had a chance to join P.E.! I will miss our 3 point shooting competitions too.” Mrs. Satt says,”Wyatt, I think your face will come to mind every time I hear Djibouti, but you will also be remembered for your wit and your knack for writing passes to get Moose Island kids to tutorials where you wanted them to be.  Come back and teach with us anytime!” Wyatt, thank you for your hard work your entire time at MCMS. Good luck next year!