Eighth Grade Recognition

Sadie Falconer: Sadie is a member of the Moose Team. Sadie has played an active role, behind the scenes, in the last two MCMS plays and has a great sense of humor. Mrs. Satt says,” Sadie, your sense of humor is one of a kind. Your earrings are by far the best I have ever seen. And your enjoyment of cats matches that of my daughter. You have brought a lot of quirk to Moose Island and from your back of the room conversations to your work with the plays to getting over some rough patches have made you the amazingly resilient learner and person you are today! We wish you tremendous luck at high school and hope you stay true to who you are!” Good luck in high school, Sadie!

Jaidyn Deah: Jaidyn (Jada) is on the Royal Team. Jada is a strong, independent and empathetic young woman. Mrs. Tracy says, “Jada is an amazing young woman who works incredibly hard.  Jada is a very kind young woman who cares deeply about others. Jada is very serious about her school work and works hard to make sure she has done each assignment well.” Jada, keep up the hard work! You will be missed at MCMS next year!

Ashley DeSchamp: Ashley is on the Katahdin Team. Her advisor, Mrs. Magnusson says, “Ashley is a talented student and successful athlete. She comes to school with energy and a smile and is always up and talking with classmates. She has an energy about her that engages others to want to follow her. She added a lot to her class as it was obvious she was considered a leader by her peers. Ashley has the natural leadership skills that could help her be successful in the future in whatever she chooses to do. But what's most important is that she has the ability to help others as they look up to her. Choosing to be that positive leader for others, she will help change lives as she grows up.” Ashley- keep working hard and good luck next year!