Eighth Grade Recognition

Patrick Cushing: Patrick is a member of the Moose Team. Mrs. Satt says, “he is one of the most respectful middle school students I have had the pleasure of knowing.  While we may not always agree on topics, he has become very willing to express his thinking while listening to the thinking of those around him.  He has been my go-to person when I have questions about when hunting seasons start for various game and whether or not I should put my dogs in orange.  I will never forget that my dog had been particularly naughty one day and I was saying that I would take him to the pound, and Patrick said "I'll take him" That comment will stay with me forever.  I'm going to miss you, Patrick!” Mrs. Magnusson says, “Patrick is a hard worker and certainly a great athlete. His ability to pick up any activity and be successful at it shows how talented he is. He is also very caring of other students as he goes out of his way to include others and never tries to take over when he could. He is very loyal to his friends and cares deeply about people. I love his passion for hunting and being outdoors and I expect Patrick to do great things going forward as he's very talented in many ways.” We will miss you next year, Patrick! 

Trevor Chute: Trevor is on the Katahdin Team. He is a great student and has been a valued member of the MCMS community. Mrs. Magnusson says, “Trevor has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh. He has a compassionate side to him that he deeply cares about people and their feelings. He is able to look at problems and reflect genuinely on how to make it a better situation. He truly enjoys his classmates and the friendships he has with them. I thoroughly enjoy when he plays basketball with his friends as he always brings his comedic side to whatever he is doing and he lightens up whatever he is a part of.” Good luck, Trevor!

Molly Mahoney: Molly is on the Moose Team. Molly is a wonderful young lady. She has a passion for reading and cares deeply about the environment. Molly- continue to reach for your dreams and stay true to yourself. We wish you luck in high school! Mrs. Satt says, “Molly, we have loved having you on Moose Island and we know that you always have something wonderful to share.  Your life experiences have added so much to our classrooms over three years and we are going to miss you very much!  You are hard working, inquisitive and have an approach to the world that feels undaunted by all that is pressing.  We hope you never change and that you come to visit us often!”