Eighth Grade Recognition

Natalie Mohlar: Natalie is  member of the Moose Team. Mrs. Satt says, “Natalie, who will we swap weird animal stories with next year?  You have been an absolute delight on Moose Island and your sense of humor keeps us on our toes.  Our favorite moments are those when you tickle your own funny bone, such as the videos you made for special effects and movie making.  Watching you laugh and learn has been our gift and we know you are going to excel at the high school!” She is a great athlete and exceptional in anything she does. She is thoughtful and has joined groups to help make our school more environmentally safe. I always enjoyed watching her interactions with other students because she would always try to help get others involved. Instead of worrying about herself, she would consistently step up as a leader and reach out to those who lacked the confidence to complete tasks. She found ways to give them confidence in themselves to help them be successful. She has a quiet leadership about her that will help her be successful as she enters high school, but more importantly will help lead others to be successful. Being a well rounded student and athlete, Natalie will be successful in whatever she puts her mind to. 

Zoe Cheney: Zoey is a member of the Katahdin Team. She is a great athlete and a natural leader. She works hard in everything she does. As a student, she works diligently and consistently puts forward solid work. Her work ethic and positive attitude are amazing. Mrs. Magnusson says, “Zoe is a smart student who has great ideas. She is a leader that will say something when it's most needed. I have enjoyed seeing her at the beginning and end of each day as she is always a pleasure to talk to.” Good luck next year! 

Brandon Chilton: Brandon is a member of the Acadia Team. Brandon’s advisors say, “he is a very responsible and respectful young man. Brandon bring a lot of great energy to the group. He's a kind and caring young man. He is also a talented Baseball and Basketball player.” His Acadia teachers say, “Brandon has been a wonderful addition to the Acadia Team Math Program. Moving from year to year, the growth academically has been wonderful to see.  Brandon is a kind, caring peer and a determined student who doesn't give up.  When the "lightbulb" goes off on a new concept - the entire class knows - he leaps out of his seat!  Brandon is a wonderful mix of goofy, kind and dedicated.  He is a pleasure to have in a classroom.