Eighth Grade Recognition

Gabriel Corey: Gabe is a member of the Acadia Team.  Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Holland say, “Gabe Corey comes into advisee with a smile every morning. Gabe is a very kind young man who likes to have fun and loves soccer.” Mrs. Corrigan says, “Gabe has been a great addition to our 8th Grade Math Class.  Since his arrival in the fall, he has made many friends and provides a sense of humor when he is with his friends.  Gabe works hard to understand math concepts and when he learns them, he helps his peers when needed.  System of Equations has been his favorite concept so far!” We wish you luck next year!

Josie Charland: Josie is on the Acadia Team. Josie joined our community this past fall.  She has added not only to our classrooms but to our different programs here at MCMS. Mr. Holman says,”Josie's artistic way of seeing the world expands what others around her see and feel.  While quiet, she is respected and looked to for her unique prospective.  In the 1 year she was here, Josie became a valued and loved.”  Mrs. Roesner says, “Josie is kind, caring, and compassionate.  She works hard in our music programs.  Josie has a deep soul.” Good luck next year, Josie!

Chianna Morrison: Chianna is on the Acadia Team. She is a very caring person and a great friend. She is compassionate and a good sister. Her advisors, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Holland say, “Chianna is creative and artistic. She has a great singing voice. Chianna is a carefree kid that sees the good in everything. She is kind to others and will help out anyone in need without hesitation.” Have a great ninth grade year, Chianna!