Eighth Grade Recognition

Owen Dunn: Owen is on the Royal Team. Owen is a great kid with a big personality and an even bigger heart.  Mrs. Magnusson says, “Owen, right from the start, could make me laugh. Being a new teacher, he might have been the first name I learned and I didn't even have him in class. I was looking forward to teaching him because he has this way about him that makes others laugh and smile with him. I certainly won't forget his drop ins during my advisee or class times. He should have just moved into the gym permanently! :) He is another student that has natural leadership qualities that people want to be around him and follow him. He has the chance to use that power as he grows up to help others be successful. He has the ability to help others be happy and that's one of the greatest gifts about him.” We are proud of Owen and wish him all the best at the high school!

Darshaun Dyer: He is a member of the Royal Team. Mrs. Satt says, “He earned a special place when he came to my room for attendance for outdoor activity once and I had just posted pictures of my grandson on the wall.  He asked who the baby was and said he was one of the cutest babies he'd seen. Darshaun, you are extremely kind to take the time to notice things like that! ” Mrs. Magnusson says, “Darshaun is an incredible athlete and has one of the best athletic motors I have seen. He is also very thoughtful and compassionate and checks in on other students during class. He is extremely competitive in P.E. class, but finds a balance that makes it a safe and comfortable place for his classmates. He is one of the hardest competitors but would stop as soon as someone fell or got bumped to check on them. I always enjoyed our conversations and look forward to seeing what he can do in high school”. Mr. Sirois says, “Darshaun is a strong, smart and funny young man.  He is an exceptional athlete and quite a chess player.” Good luck next year! 

Jacie Dagneau: Jacie is a member of the Acadia Team. Mrs. Corrigan says, “J.C. has many hidden talents!  We are grateful when she shares them with us.  J.C. is a quick learner and can easily grasp material in math.  She is a true friend to her peers and would do anything for her friends.  She is always there for a quick laugh which adds to the classroom!  I remember watching J.C. in 6th grade, wondering who this quick tempered person was.  Over time J.C.has shown herself as as passionate, caring and honest person. Mrs.Bonnevie says, “Jacie is a fierce young lady. She is a musician and loves music.  She played the guitar for our advisee group once and the whole group just stopped and listened.” Good luck next year!