Eighth Grade Recognition

Levi Draper: Levi is on the Moose Team. He is a good student and a great football player. Mrs. Satt says, “I remember when Levi's sister was on our team and he was coming up for 5th grade transition and his sister wanted to make sure that Levi's buddy would be someone he would feel comfortable with because he was so shy.  Well, Levi, I feel like you got past the shy part of who you are, although you are very quiet.  Believe it or not, you are ready for the next steps yet I am going to miss seeing you in your sports jerseys and asking about who they represent in the various leagues you love.  Make good choices, be yourself, and know that we will miss you!” Have fun in high school, Levi- you will be missed!

Jenna Ruth: Jenna is on the Moose Team. She is quiet and keeps to herself for the most part, but seeing her smile because of doing something goofy has always been a highlight of having her on Moose Island! She is kind and we will never forget how much leadership she showed when Moose Island went to Chewonki!  Good luck at the high school Jenna! Mrs. Satt says, “She is a kind, gentle, caring person. Jenna loves her animals, traveling and seeing new places. She spends a lot of time caring for her many pets including bringing her chickens for bike rides. That's a talent in itself. Congratulations to finishing middle school!”

Brooke Pelletier: Brooke is on the Katahdin team and has done an excellent job taking charge with her school work, especially during the Remote Learning time. Brooke fights for what she believes in and has built many relationships since starting at MCMS.  Her advisors say, “Brooke is a talented musician. She plays many different types of instruments including the Piano. I loved watching her practice playing piano for her recital during advisee.” Good luck in high school, Brooke!