Eighth Grade Recognition

8th Grade Recognition

Lucja Wheeler: Lucja is on the Katahdin Team. She is not afraid to try new things and does her best in whatever she sets her mind to. Lucja has a positive attitude as well as the wisdom of someone older than her years. Lucja- thank you for being such a great citizen and student over the past few years at MCMS!

Tanner Sirois: Tanner is a member of the Sebago Team. He has grown so much over these past few years. Over the course of this past year, I was regularly reminded of the caring and self aware young man Tanner is becoming. Tanner- keep working hard and push yourself. You are a wonderful person and you can make all your goals become a reality. 

Lillian Toye: Lillian is part of the Acadia Team. he  is such a caring and considerate person. On top of being a school athlete, she is also a big sister and a good friend. Lillian will always was there to lend a helping hand or support anyone in need. Best of luck next year, Lillian!