Kelsey Ross and Allie Thaller critiquing artwork at the Colby Art Museum

Gifted and Talented Elementary and Middle School Art students went to Colby Art Museum  to see the First Nation’s exhibit, Wíwənikan  and a collection of contemporary artworks. The field trip provided the GT art students a rare opportunity to observe, understand, evaluate, and reflect on artworks in the exhibits. The students also had a studio experience, where they created a scratchboard basket, which connected to the birch bark baskets they saw in the Wíwənikan exhibit. 6th grader, Sawyer Rooney reflected on the experience stating, “The field trip was inspirational.” 7th grader, Kailey Freeman exclaimed, “The Town  of Skowhegan was my favorite painting.” Thank you, Mrs. Lord for providing students with such an amazing opportunity!